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Schengen Action Plan

At the 111th Meeting of the Montenegrin Cabinet, the Government passed the Action Plan for the implementation of the Schengen Action Plan for 2019.  The discussion expressed satisfaction with the high percentage of realisation of the measures envisaged for 2018 (90.48%). During the reporting period, the Draft Law amending the Law on Border Control was passed, whose adoption will improve the normative framework and fulfil the obligations stipulated by the Schengen Action Plan.

The new Law on Foreigners has been successfully implemented, which regulated the entry and exit in a quality way, as well as the movement and stay of foreigners in Montenegro in line with international standards and obligations set out in the Action Plan for Chapter 24. The capacities for the arrival of asylum seekers and enhanced cooperation with international partners regarding their care; the activities and capacities of the border police, as well as cross-border police cooperation and activities on the suppression of cross-border organised crime, have been improved. The focus of the new Plan, inter alia, will be focused on the implementation of measures for which funding from EU funds is foreseen, in the amount of EUR 8 million.


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